Virtual Reality Boardroom?

How often do we find that it is not possible to have a meeting, because get all the people in the correct place and the right time is almost impossible? Meetings often become less frequent, less productive, business becomes more disjointed. What if we did not need to be in the same location but could be around the same boardroom interacting in the same way we would if we were together? That may sound good. However we are told it is very expensive to put teleconferencing kit in each executives home, allocate new bandwidth and the IT director tells us that they lack the support skills in their team. The opportunity is there for an innovator to create the Xbox Kinect app that provides a virtual boardroom, where we can sign in as our avatar or in person (dependant on our state of dress). In the future why should we have to leave our lounge to have the meeting, this will reduces travel cost, increase efficiency of the high value individuals, improves the work life balance and means that meetings can be more regular creating a cohesive organisation. The possibility of reducing cost, creating more business value and delivering this on common place technology, that is available in the market today. This may be a vision of the future but it could be here today with the focus to deliver it.

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