January 25, 2013

Business Thinking

As a Business School graduate I have always had a keen interest in current business thinking and ideas. If you are interest in bring yourself up to speed on key aspect of business I have collected some of this together here. The thesis of some of this content may differ from my own paradigm, but without intellectual challenge how can we shape our own thinking?

Business Is…

The folowing lecture hits the mark, what is business really all about.  If you don’t get it after this lecture, there is little point following on to read the other information here.  Here it is The Keynote: Be Creative http://youtu.be/wAHal48eokk from Stanford Business School.

Consider the following as foundational books:-

  • The Business Model Canvas – you can actually create a model of the business on one page.
  • How to win friends and influence people – it is well worth getting the audio version of this subtitled In a Digital Age
  • Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand – No I don’t take the whole philosophical thesis, but the economic points are profound.
  • How To Make Millions Without A Degree: And How to Get by Even If You Have One – Simon Dolan
  • What they don’t tell you in business school: http://youtu.be/mHVJF9VaWfo

Sales and Marketing

I was recently watching through some of the Stanford Business School lectures, some of which are listed here, one of the points made was the lack of sales classes and experience coming out of business schools. I am somewhat surprised as businesses create wealth by the exchange of goods and services for monetary value individuals and business have been doing this for thousands of years. So it well worth understanding the principles of this and developing skills in sales whether you are selling on Ebay, handsets in a phone shop or large scale business to business sales.

Business Current Affairs

What’s going on in the world of business?

Some Theories

Some theories that are interesting to know about.  Cream off the good bits and ask the question, to make use of some of these ideas do I have to take the whole world view that has been positioned here?

Business and IT

It would be strange if I did not have an interest in how technology mapped into the business and how these impact one another!  These are mainly earlier references to theory and thinking, which I am empirically validating. Are these going to hold true in the next few years, some have already impacted by the change in the pace of consumerisation?

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